Infertility from gender transition should lead to free egg freezing?

Infertility is a rarely discussed but serious result of gender transitioning. About 600 girls in Britain take hormone blockers to stop puberty annually, beginning the sex change process, but also potentially rendering themselves infertile. In their guidance on fertility preservation, the British Fertility Society has said that the National Health Service (NHS) should now provide funding to transgender men who want to freeze their eggs before they transition. Continue reading

Trans female receives backlash from LGBT lobby for de-transitioning

Apparently, choosing your gender is only acceptable if your choice fits with the prevailing narrative of LGBT activists. If it doesn’t, you can expect attempts to be made to silence you. Continue reading

What the experts say will happen to religious freedom in 2018

Experts in the areas of law, education, and public policy were recently asked what would be the issue that would be most prominent in 2018 in the United States, and the most common answer revolved around same-sex marriage and the consequences that extend to a society after the definition of marriage is changed. Continue reading

LGBT leaders affirm that “No” campaign was right

After spending the months during the plebiscite campaign rejecting that there were any consequences to redefining marriage, the ‘yes’ campaign has now confirmed everything that we had been warning about. The Equality Campaign co-chair, Anna Brown, affirmed what the “No” campaign had been saying all along: same-sex marriage is not the final frontier… and never was. Continue reading

Patient assigned transgender nurse for pap smear after requesting a woman

A woman has complained to Britain’s National Health Service after she was assigned a transgender nurse to do her pap smear. The patient had specifically requested a woman to perform the procedure, and was embarrassed when the nurse was a transgender woman. Continue reading

Activists block screening of transgender kids documentary

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) decided at the last minute not to air Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? – a documentary made by the BBC. The program was scheduled to air 11 December, but the CBC was pressured to withdraw it on the day it was supposed to run after it was the subject of an all-too-familiar online campaign by activists. Continue reading

How will Australia change now that same-sex marriage is legalised?

During the postal survey, ‘yes’ campaigners promised that there would be no consequences for ordinary Australians as a result of redefining marriage. But now that same-sex marriage is legal, LGBT activists are threatening a “mandate” to further their agenda, specifically in three main areas: education, parenting, and freedom of religion. Continue reading

Will gender-neutral toilets be compulsory in all Aussie institutions?

LGBT activists have just submitted a proposal to Australia’s National Building Codes Board (NBCB) demanding that the National Construction Code be changed to require all public and commercial properties to provide gender-neutral toilets. The facilities are an attempt to cater to transgender and genderqueer individuals who do not identify with the present “male” and “female” bathroom designations. Continue reading

UK enforces the ‘celebration’ of trans identities in primary schools

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) recently published a new guidance which will enforce the ‘celebration’ of trans identities in primary schools. With jurisdiction over more than 28,000 school leaders in the United Kingdom and a seal of approval from the Department of Education, the ‘series of recommendations’ in the document will significantly impact children’s sex education. Continue reading

Is Safe Schools back again?

New South Wales’ new education department guidelines are targeting religious education programs by prohibiting volunteer scripture teachers from referring to gender-related issues. Not content with pushing gender ideology into the classrooms, LGBT activists are seeking to remove any voices that do not kowtow to the new gender fluid agenda. The mandate is yet another attempt to subvert the ban placed on the Safe Schools program earlier this year. Continue reading