Australian Bishops Warn Against Political Decisions Undermining Marriage in 2016 Election

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC), which rarely comments on federal politics, is now publicly and strongly speaking up about Election 2016 and what Australians should consider when it comes time to cast their vote. Continue reading

Here’s What You’re NOT Seeing in Your Facebook Newsfeed

The Safe Schools program has been a contentious subject among Australians this past year, but would social networks stoop so low as to deliberately filter what users are seeing about the topic in their newsfeed? The facts speak for themselves. A group endorsing marriage between one man and one woman, Family Voice Australia, was subjected to some questionable Facebook censoring last weekend after posting an article about young children being exposed to Safe Schools-approved lessons on the “transsexual experience”. While the curriculum was designed for secondary schools only, it was allegedly taught to primary school students in Victoria by Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward, who also lacks any teaching qualifications. Continue reading

Free Speech Wins Out: Complaint Against Pastoral Letter on Marriage Dropped

LGBT activist Martine Delaney is dropping a discrimination complaint launched against the Catholic bishops of Australia over a booklet outlining the importance of marriage and family. Continue reading

2 Views of Marriage: Which is Best for Society?

These pro-marriage videos keep getting better and better!  In just over 9 minutes, Patrick Langrell of Marriage Equals presents a succinct and compelling argument for marriage between one man and one woman. Continue reading

Qantas CEO to Traditional Marriage Supporters: “You Won’t Be Able to Fly Anywhere.”

Alan Joyce, chief executive officer of Australia’s national airline Qantas, recently uttered some menacing words toward those who do not share his personal support for same-sex marriage: “If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the (same-sex marriage) campaign, you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere.” Continue reading

Why Socially Divisive Issues Have No Place in Business

With Telstra infamously flipping - and then backflipping - on same-sex marriage these past two weeks, Australians are certainly feeling the frustration and tension on both sides. But this issue begs a broader question: should corporations risk alienating large percentages of their customers by putting out a public stance on such contentious social issues like same-sex marriage? Continue reading

Opinion: The Gay Marriage Debate is More About Emotion and Wording than Discrimination

I WAS once a strong supporter of gay marriage. Or rather, if I’m honest, I was a strongly apathetic supporter of gay marriage. Continue reading

Same-Sex Marriage Debate Goes to the Heart of our Democracy

The calculated assault on freedom of religious liberty in Australia is rapidly gaining pace with the focus in Tasmania where the Catholic Bishops of Australia now face formal action on the grounds that their defense of traditional marriage contravenes anti-discrimination law. Continue reading

Ancient Greeks Highlight Gay Marriage Flaws

Transgender activist Martine Delaney was reared a Catholic, transitioned to becoming a woman 14 years ago and is now in a same-sex relationship rearing a child— so she is used to her views clashing with those of the church. Continue reading

High Court Uses Slippery Slope Argument to Find the Existence of Marriage

The High Court this week endorsed the "slippery slope" argument used by opponents of same-sex marriage - and unwisely sneered at by the likes of Malcolm Turnbull. Continue reading