Media Equality on Marriage Equality?

Do both sides of the marriage equality debate get equal billing in the media? Continue reading

“Support for Same-Sex Marriage Drops After Supreme Court Ruling”

Public support for same-sex marriage has dropped in three national polls since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in June, National Review reports. Continue reading

“SA Bakery Boycott Call Over 'Homophobia'”

A SOCIAL media campaign has called for a boycott of an Adelaide Hills bakery over "homophobic" comments. ONE of the owners of the Lobethal Bakery, Ruth Trinkle, this week accused a local newspaper of promoting "the homosexuality campaign", after it published a story about councils flying an LGBT flag.   Continue reading

"Gay Marriage Leaves Catholic Schools Under 'Threat'"

Since when has teaching your children what you, and most of the world's population, believe to be right been a thought crime? Since when have those beliefs, enshrined in the law of the land, and always seen as positive and good, suddenly been deemed harmful? Continue reading

"Primary School Sex Talk Too Much Too Soon for Kids: Mum"

MAROOCHY River mother Simone Leslie believes open discussions about accepting different types of sexuality don't need to happen in primary school. The business owner and neurostrategist has signed a petition from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) calling for the Queensland Government to stop the roll out of the Safe Schools Coalition program in primary and secondary schools throughout the state. Continue reading