SSM Means Widespread and Compulsory Gay Sex Ed and Gender Fluid Theory: Academic

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 08th December 2017  Concerns that children would be taught radical LGBTIQ sex and gender fluid theory were dismissed as lies and red herrings during the marriage postal survey, but now a leading academic says same-sex marriage means it should be mandated.  Continue reading

Church leaders write letter addressing same-sex marriage law concerns

Fourteen church leaders in the country have drafted an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten calling attention to the lack of religious freedoms in the same-sex marriage bill. Continue reading

Passing of Smith Bill Shows Disregard for Freedoms

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 07th December 2017  The passing of the Dean Smith bill unamended through the House of Representatives today was evidence of the disregard that many MPs have for the freedoms of Australians and the upholding of international human rights obligations, the Coalition for Marriage said today. Continue reading

Supreme Court of Canada to rule on Trinity Western case

The Supreme Court of Canada will soon make a ruling on the controversial Trinity Western University case. Trinity Western first attracted attention in 2014, when the university proposed to open a law school, and British Columbia’s law society denied them accreditation.  Continue reading

University of Oklahoma issues gender pronoun guide: : 'ze,' 'zie,' 'sie'

The University of Oklahoma’s Gender and Equality Center has issued a new gender-neutral pronoun guide that lists eight pronouns for students to know. Beyond the normal pronouns “he,” “she,” and “they,” there are the pronouns “ze,” “zie,” “sie,” “ey,” and “per.” These additional five pronouns are for genders that are not male or female, and are self-assigned based on how an individual chooses to portray himself. (Or should one say “zereself”?) Continue reading

Canadian public schools win case to violate religious freedom

Canadian father Steve Tourloukis – who featured in television commercials for the Coalition for Marriage – has been fighting a legal battle since 2012 to protect his parental rights and religious freedom. The legal battle just came to an end, but not in the favour of Mr Tourloukis – or religious freedom. Continue reading

Turnbull and Shorten Must Keep Promise to Australian Voters

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 29th November 2017 The Coalition for Marriage today expressed its deep disappointment that the Labor/Greens/Smith bill looks set to pass the Senate without amendment.  Continue reading

Catholic schools replace mother and father with “family” on admission forms

Catholic schools in the UK are replacing “mother and “father” on admission forms with “family” in order to be more inclusive to same-sex couples and step-families. The impetus for the change was a complaint made by a parent at the Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Primary School in London. Continue reading

Teaching assistant in hot water for neutral stance on gender pronouns

Does same-sex marriage only affect those who subscribe to it? Recent events in Canada would indicate differently, as assistant teacher Lindsay Shepherd became the subject of an official inquiry… for taking a neutral stance on gender pronouns.  Continue reading

Scottish schools to offer transgender ‘guidance’ without parental consent

In compliance with new guidelines crafted by LGBT Youth Scotland, Scottish primary school teachers are now in charge of supporting and guiding children in exploring their gender identity… without their parents’ knowledge or consent. According to the Daily Mail UK, the new mandates are specifically geared toward transgender children: Continue reading