Treasurer Scott Morrison takes a stand for fundamental freedoms

In light of the recent postal vote, many Australians are concerned that fundamental freedoms such as freedom of conscience or freedom of speech will be adversely impacted. Continue reading

Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister a betrayal of the millions of Australians who voted 'No'

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 22nd November 2017 Today’s last-minute announcement by the Prime Minister that an inquiry will be held into religious freedom, only to report next year after the Marriage Act has changed, is a betrayal of the nearly 5 million Australians who voted against gay marriage. Continue reading

UK girls’ school inspection: Authorities delete evidence of LGBT agenda

Recently, an orthodox Jewish school failed two consecutive inspections for failing to teach gender ideology. However, once the story came to light, all references to sexual orientation or gender reassignment were deleted from the inspection report by the education regulator. Continue reading

New children’s books promote gender transitioning to help Australia “get educated”

If transgender advocates have their way, the Lucy Star book series, which launches this week, will be available in schools and libraries everywhere. Penned by Kate Downey, the books follow a boy who decides he wants to be a girl, following him at different stages of his transition- ages 7, 13, and 18. Continue reading

Gender Reversal: An Under-Researched Field Due to Political Correctness

James Caspian, a psychotherapist, has over ten years of experience working with transgender and transsexual patients. When he began to hear more often that individuals were wanting to reverse their gender-reassignment surgery, he decided to do some research into the issue. He enrolled at Bath Spa University and submitted his research proposal, only to have it rejected by the university ethics committee. Their reasoning? The topic was “politically incorrect” and “the posting of unpleasant material on blogs or social media may be detrimental to the reputation of the university.” Continue reading

Victorian Politicians Defend Explicit Sex Ed for 8-Year-Olds

Since its inception, the Safe Schools program has ushered in increasingly inappropriate material in the name of sexually educating the youth. But its latest resource, aptly named “Catching On Early”, has even forsaken the façade of child appropriate material, blatantly featuring explicit images. In a post about the 200-page resource by the La Trobe University research centre, the Herald Sun reports: Continue reading

Hundreds of UK doctors could be trained as transgender specialists

Under a new National Health Services (NHS) proposal in the United Kingdom, hundreds of general practitioners would be designated “champions for transgender healthcare.” The change would see transgender treatment specialists installed in surgeries across England, as well as GPs trained as advocates for treatment and cultural sensitivity of transgender issues. Continue reading

Fathers’ Day Replaced with ‘Relatives’ Day’ at Finnish Day Care Centres

Celebrating a father can be offensive, apparently. In an attempt to become more politically correct, some Finnish day care centres have decided not to celebrate Fathers’ Day. Instead, they have opted to rename the holiday 'läheisenpäivä' or “Kinsman's/relatives’ day.” Continue reading

Are the Kids OK? Medical Journal of Australia Publishes Biased Piece

The Medical Journal of Australia recently published an article claiming research shows that children of LGBT parents are as successful emotionally, socially, and educationally as their peers raised by heterosexual parents. The timing is essential; having scientific data to back up one side or the other had the potential to sway the vote in the postal survey. The article titled, “The kids are OK: it is discrimination, not same-sex parents, that harms children” was widely shared online. Continue reading

Britain’s NHS Ignores Parental Concerns Regarding Trans Treatment for Kids

Parents in Britain are concerned that National Health Service (NHS) therapists are validating child transgender claims too quickly. The issues stem from the new version of the “memorandum of understanding,” which prohibits staff from contradicting patients who believe they have been born the wrong sex. Continue reading