Safe Schools: ‘The Program That Refuses to Die’

Back in April, NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes confirmed that the Safe Schools program was terminated in that state. In its stead, new anti-bullying initiatives were implemented, which Australians were assured did not entail any contested gender theories. Continue reading

UK Prime Minister “Streamlining” Laws to Cater to LGBT Community

Proponents of redefining marriage argue that legalising same-sex unions will merely affect the wording of the present marriage law. But what they fail to realise – or maybe what they realise but aren’t inclined to admit – is that the flow-on effects of redefining marriage are vast in scope and swift in transfusion. Continue reading

Campus Group Under Attack for Supporting Marriage Between One Man, One Woman

Love Saxa, a campus group at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. that supports a group that supports marriage between a man and a woman, has recently been under attack by LGBTI activists. Continue reading

We’re down to the final days

By Damian Wyld – We’re down to the final days of the marriage postal plebiscite. It’s been a hard slog, but many supporters are still out in the trenches – our staff among them. Continue reading

Mark Latham: ‘Yes’ Campaign is a Threat to Democracy

Regardless of where one stands on the marriage debate, one thing is very clear: the ‘Yes’ campaign is not just about ‘love’. Over the years, the LGBTI agenda has routinely proven that there are no holds barred when it comes to revoking the fundamental freedoms of Australians, in particular where it concerns freedom of speech. In recent days, the situation has only worsened, as activists display pointed aggression towards fellow citizens who dare to disagree with them.  Continue reading

Totalitarian Rainbow Politics Censors Opposition

For a community which brags the support of 70 percent of this nation, the LGBTI lobby is strangely opposed to a popular vote. Why? Because even “Yes” voters are finally admitting that the same-sex marriage movement is threatening the fundamental freedoms of the Australian people, in particular freedom of speech. Continue reading

The “No” Vote: A “Yes” to Minority Voices

For years, the LGBTI lobby has capitalised on its image of diversity and minority rights. Its campaign is constantly emblazoned with slogans such as ‘respect diversity’, ‘different and proud’ and ‘stop discrimination’. Continue reading

4 Million Australians Still Yet to Have Their Say

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 24th October 2017 Millions of Australians are still yet to vote on the future of marriage and the Coalition for Marriage will continue to fight for every last vote. Continue reading

'Gay Sex Education = Gay Marriage' is Rated MA15+: Advertising Authority

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 23rd October 2017 Material included in radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education programs aimed at kids aged 11-13 years old has been rated MA15+ and deemed too sexually explicit to be shown on television before 8.30pm. Continue reading

British Civil Servants Told Not to Use “Gendered” Pronouns

In the latest Service Manual issued by the Cabinet Office, British civil servants have been told not to use “gendered” pronouns like “he” and “she” to avoid offending people whose chosen gender does not align with their birth gender. Continue reading