For All Their Talk About ‘Diversity’ the “Yes” Vote Is Seriously Lacking

For all their talk of diversity, the LGBTI agenda sure doesn’t practice what they preach.  Continue reading

Religious Freedom threatened by Northern Territory “Modernised” Anti-Discrimination Laws

Yet again, “anti-discrimination” laws are being used to punish, rather than protect, everyday Aussies. Recently proposed revisions to the Northern Territory’s anti-discrimination laws threaten the freedom of religious organisations. Continue reading

Labor collusion with Senator Smith confirms voting ‘No’ the only way to go

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 18th October 2017 Today’s endorsement of the Dean Smith bill by the Labor caucus demonstrates that the only way Australians can truly protect their freedoms is to vote ‘no,’ the Coalition for Marriage said today. Continue reading

This is a crucial week in the campaign

By Damian Wyld -  This is a crucial week in the campaign. This Friday, 20 October, is the last day for any replacement ballots to be issued. That means it’s also a big week for our field campaign – the thousands of volunteers wearing out their leather soles and working the phones day and night to chase every vote possible. Continue reading

Mummy blogger warns: this is your last and only chance

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 16th October 2017 The Mummy blogger whose impassioned plea to parents about the controversial Safe Schools program has been viewed more than 4.5 million times is urging parents to say ‘no’ to radical LGBTIQ sex education in schools and ‘no’ to gay marriage in the latest Coalition for Marriage television ad. Continue reading

It Won’t End Here…

Redefining marriage is not the be-all, end-all goal of the “Yes” campaign – and it never was. Continue reading

Christine Forster on radical sex and gender education: kids are never too young for these programs

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE MEDIA RELEASE 13th October 2017 Comments made by Christine Forster, a senior activist in the same-sex marriage campaign, confirm the gay lobby’s targeted pursuit of kids’ education, the Coalition for Marriage said today. Continue reading

You Will Be Made to Care: a Chilling Lesson for Same-Sex Marriage Supporters

"Why do you care what transgender individuals call themselves?”  Because you have made me. Continue reading

Consequences of same-sex marriage hit Oxford University

Coalition for Marriage Media Release 11 October 2017 An extraordinary move by a college at Oxford University to exclude its Christian group from its open day showed that even the world’s most prestigious universities are not immune from politically correct restrictions on free speech, the Coalition for Marriage said today. Continue reading

Our new TV ad and some fantastic news!

By Damian Wyld  A few weeks ago, supporters like you helped us reach a big fundraising target in a very short amount of time. The response was overwhelming — and the successful result helped the overall campaign effort reach millions more Australians with our message. Continue reading