Truth Revealed: What Really Happened at the Senate Hearings

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Truth-Revealed-Senate-Hearings.jpgAfter weeks of submissions and public hearings, the Senate inquiry into same-sex marriage finally released its report.

The discussion focussed on how redefining marriage might affect civil celebrants, religious ministers and religious institutions, and whether ‘exemptions’ were appropriate. Egregiously, the Committee wasn’t going to consider how redefining marriage impacts the freedoms of all Australian citizens. 

However, we know that redefining marriage affects everyone’s rights: this was far more than an issue of ‘exemptions’. Thanks to your support, Marriage Alliance was able to speak up for your rights at the inquiry.

Marriage Alliance CEO Damian Wyld fronted the inquiry and highlighted, “… that framing a debate in terms of exemptions misunderstands this fact.”

We made it known that redefining marriage affects everyone - you included! Changing the marriage law restricts what you can say, what you can believe, and even affects the education of your children by legitimising programs like the controversial ‘Safe Schools’. Your support enabled Marriage Alliance to speak up for you and for the silent majority. 

The Senate inquiry also tried to conjure an image of ‘consensus’ – that our opponents all ‘agreed’ that your beliefs and freedoms should be protected. This is not true. Our opponents made it clear that they believe no one is exempt from same-sex marriage, with some even publicly denying your right to disagree with same-sex marriage!

To name a few:

“We do not support any proposed exemptions.”

Lauren Foy, NSW Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby

“I flatly refuse that they should have the right to refuse.”

Felicity Marlowe, Rainbow Families Victoria

“Those (religious) exemptions should be removed from the exposure draft.”

Fiona McLeod SC, President of the Law Council of Australia

Those quotes are only a small representation of what same-sex marriage supporters think about your rights. Make no mistake: redefining marriage will affect your freedoms – and same-sex marriage advocates will do nothing to support your rights.  

Download our document titled What happened at the Senate Marriage Inquiry and share it with your friends.

Prime Minister Turnbull promised a people’s vote on marriage – and we have to ensure that Parliament delivers. In order to stop Parliament from redefining marriage, we must hold our politicians accountable to their promise to give every Australian a say in the matter.

And we need your help!

In the one week since 11 February 2017, the date on which we should have had a people’s vote on marriage, more than 200 people like you chose to defend their vote by giving a $20 donation to Marriage Alliance. To meeting our fundraising goal, we need a further 800 people to also lend us their support. Would you consider giving a $20 gift to defend your vote on marriage, and to hold our politicians accountable to their promise and responsibility to the people of Australia?  

Every $20 helps us reach out to a Member of Parliament or Senator to remind them of the importance of giving you a vote on marriage. Would you also ask a friend or family member to make a similar gift to support the campaign? Without your support, we will be limited in the MPs we can reach – giving our opponents an upper hand at this critical time.

The campaign to redefine marriage continues. As we have seen, our opponents publicly admitted they want to limit your free speech and right to disagree. If we do not fight back, Parliament will attempt to redefine marriage without giving every Australian a say in the matter. We must hold Parliament accountable to their promise for a people’s vote on marriage. No matter what the opposition might say, this fight is far from over.

We are so thankful for all of your generous support of the campaign. Inspired by your perseverance and supported by your gifts, we will continue to defend your freedoms and beliefs.

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