UK enforces the ‘celebration’ of trans identities in primary schools

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Trans-Identinty-Children.jpgThe National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) recently published a new guidance which will enforce the ‘celebration’ of trans identities in primary schools. With jurisdiction over more than 28,000 school leaders in the United Kingdom and a seal of approval from the Department of Education, the ‘series of recommendations’ in the document will significantly impact children’s sex education.

Disseminated to educational leaders, the guidance states that the role and responsibility of educators is to promote LGBT issues, specifically in regards to transgenderism. The Telegraph reports:

School leaders must “celebrate” transgender people, encourage their staff to teach children about trans issues, and “ensure the visibility” of trans perspectives in the classroom

It instructs heads to ensure trans students and children with trans parents feel included in their learning, and trans staff members feel positively represented in lesson content and welcomed in the school environment.

“Primary school leaders may want to ensure books featuring trans parents or celebrating gender identity and difference are included in the curriculum.” 

Schools leaders should also ensure dress codes are phrased in a gender- neutral way, and are “modified to avoid gender stereotypes” as these “may not be appropriate for gender fluid or non-binary individuals”.

But not only are teacher required to actively endorse transgender issues, but they will also be expected to shut down any dissent from either parents or other staff members

Written in conjunction with LGBT lobby group Stonewall, [the guidance] adds that school leaders should forbid parents, governors and staff from complaining about the policies that promote transsexualism.

In fact, on the NAHT site, where their new guidance can be found, they list the ‘role of school leaders in creating an inclusive environment’, in particular:

Forbidding complaints (or fear of complaints) from parents, governors or staff members to interfere with their commitment to an inclusive school environmentit is important that all staff members are clear that they will be supported and defended by the school’s leadership team in such matters.

This guidance sounds eerily familiar to the words spoken by the creators of Safe Schools in Australia, who famously advised educational leaders to ignore complaints from parents about the program.

Of course, students are not overlooked in this matter, and will be expected to actively pledge their allegiance to the LGBT agenda along with the adults:

The guidance states that the school’s equalities policies should specifically mention “trans equality”, adding: “It may be useful to develop a detailed contract of inclusivity that everybody signs, including new staff members, parents, governors and pupils”. 

Although advertised as ‘trans equality’ it seems as though transgender activists are not being treated as equals, but as superiors. Not only are they upheld as examples to children throughout the UK, but neither parents nor teachers nor students are allowed to call them into question, and will be required to sign a document committing themselves to the trans agenda. With both freedom of speech and parental rights on the line, it begs the question: “Is this equality for all?”

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