UK Parents Fight Back on Unisex Toilet “Social Experiment”

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Unisex-UK.jpgAll over the world, parents are fed up with their children being used as “guinea pigs” for sexual agendas. Buxton School, located in East London, recently introduced gender-neutral restrooms intended to be used by pupils aged eight and older.

The parents of the pupils were immediately outraged by the school’s induction of unisex toilets, which parents believe could result in sexualised behaviour among the young pupils. Nonetheless, as EssentialKids reported, a school official tried to defend the movement: 

Speaking to the East London and West Essex Guardian, executive head-teacher Kath Wheeler said that the toilets have created safe spaces where pupils show respect towards each other and feel respected. Wheeler also noted that the unisex facilities meet local council regulations.

Concerned parents did not buy those excuses at all:

However, parents at the school are not impressed by the new imitative and have started campaigning to have the new toilets closed.

A petition started so that parents could have their opinions heard reached 800 signatures in its first day:

Ehasan Karim who started the petition says that parents don't want their children to be part of a social experiment. He writes [in the petition]: "We believe the decision to introduce unisex toilets will disrupt the hygiene, privacy, safety, security and the wellbeing of the children attending Buxton School.

"We fear that it may potentially cause an increase in sexually related incidents, including assault and harassment."

He continues: "We are concerned about the introduction of unisex toilets at our school. Failure to act upon our concerns will only motivate us to expose locally and nationally the decision to creep this idea into ours schools with no justification, consultation or notification to parents/guardians of those children who this decision will impact."

In a good way, these parents have turned the tables: while many gender ideologists and same-sex marriage advocates invoke negative reaction to measures protecting marriage and/or gender, these parents have responded negatively to their children being used for sexual, social experiments. The school overstepped its boundaries by failing to consult the parents before taking such a radical move, and further failing to respect the parents’ concerns and general view of the initiative:

While there is some support for the new toilets, a poll in the Guardian shows that the majority of parents are very uncomfortable with the idea.

As many concerned parents noted, the potential consequences of unisex toilets are too great to be inflicted on their children:

Worried mother Shaila Hussain said: "This concept of mixed toilets will not only make children feel differentiated but shame in using toilets.

"This will initiate more sexualised behaviour. It would be better to keep it separated as it's safer. The toilets leading to the corridor can still be open, for staff to oversee single sex toilets. Having the unisex toilets will allow nothing but more mischievous behaviour."

Hannah Cuthbertson said unisex toilets will just lead to children becoming sexually active even earlier. She added: "Unisex toilets will just lead to children becoming sexually active even earlier. In turn leads to more sexual assaults and problems, children are too young to understand the implications."

Firuza Beg said the toilets could increase the risk of child abuse. "There's already so much child abuse going on and this will increase the situation even more. If anything does happen then the headteacher and other associates will be fully responsible. Totally disgusting."

Buxton School is imposing an ideology without consulting parents, which is similar to the methods of Australia’s Safe Schools. However, these parents refused to surrender their children as social guinea pigs for a sexualised agenda. Within 24 hours, hundreds of parents signed a petition supporting the return to normal, segregated bathrooms, and the number continues to grow.

Just as these parents are committed to protecting their children, Marriage Alliance is committed to protecting your right to have a voice in the marriage debate. The Australian people must decide the question of same-sex marriage and its accompanying initiatives for themselves. As these parents have demonstrated, the silent majority is a force to be reckoned with – and we will never surrender. 

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