UK sex ed law targets religious schools

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Religious-Freedom-UK.jpgThe UK government is enacting a sexual education curriculum which would require all schools to teach about same-sex marriage and transgenderism. Similar to Safe Schools, the program would be enforced in all primary and secondary schools. But even worse than that, the government wants it to be mandatory for private and religious schools as well.

Former Education Secretary Justine Greening is the driving force behind the change, stating last March that the current law is outdated, and should include religious schools. She stated last July:

It is important that the church, in a way, keeps up and is part of a modern country. We have allowed same-sex marriage, that’s a massive step forward for the better. And for me, I think people do want to see our major faiths keep up with modern attitudes.

After Greening was succeeded by Damian Hinds, he vowed to continue her sexual education overhaul.

Government adviser Dame Louise Casey openly targeted Catholics when supporting the agenda, saying:

(It’s) not OK for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. I have a problem with the expression of religious conservatism because I think often it can be anti-equalities.

But Catholics aren’t the only religious group under pressure from the government. Last year, a Jewish school in London was threatened with closure after refusing to teach students homosexuality. With the new law, conflict will only grow worse.

Rabbi Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, the Gateshead Rav, said of the conflict:

The Jews of England feel that they are in an emergency situation.

I believe it’s the most serious problem facing Yiddishkeit (the Jewish way of life) in England.

But the British government is so overly concerned with the LGBT way of life that they haven’t bothered to stop and think about the Jewish, the Christian and other faith-based ways of life. In imposing these education requirements on private schools, they are violating the religious freedom of these institutions, and eroding the rights of the parents who choose to have their children educated according to their beliefs.

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