Update: Scotland teachers can’t separate education from LGBTI activism

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Teachers-Scotland.jpgIt is impossible to believe the claim that “same-sex marriage” only affects same-sex couples. In countries where marriage was redefined, same-sex marriage and its accompanying ideologies are being forcefully promulgated, even in areas that should remain neutral. 

As an example, just look at the UK, where individual countries are seeing the redefinition of marriage redefine priorities of schools:

Scotland’s largest teachers’ union has publicly supported an LGBTI campaign, which aims to entrench gender theory in schools across the country. Similar to the way in which the Australian Medical Association recently weighed in on the same-sex marriage debate, this is a gross abuse of the organisation’s political clout in service of a radical agenda.

As reported in The Scotsman:

“Delegates at the Education Institute of Scotland (EIS) teaching conference AGM in Perth backed a motion to affiliate to and adopt the proposals of the TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) campaign which tackles homophobia and other sex-orientation discrimination in education.

As Pam Currie, of the EIS, said: “The decision takes us another step closer to having an LGBTI inclusive education for learners in all Scottish schools and colleges.”

Marriage Alliance reported on TIE and its push to include gender ideology in schools earlier in the year. This vote shows the success of its relentless campaigning.

TIE is a major proponent of including LGBTI educational material in schools across the country. A spokesperson for TIE described the new measures as a “massive step forward for us,” using their words to imply that all teachers agree with this agenda:  

“We are often asked what teachers think about our proposals, and whether or not they support our aims: this move resolutely answers that question."

Same-sex marriage was legalised in Scotland in 2014. Just a few years later, its society is already being overhauled and overrun by radical ideologies. LGBTI lobbyists often claim that same-sex marriage is benign and that nothing negative could happen as a result of legalising it.

Yet, in Scotland and other countries that have redefined marriage, it is becoming apparent that entire societies change when the fundamental unit of society is broken down or redefined. There are many consequences that countries must face when marriage is redefined, but there is one in particular which we must not forget: the effects could be irreversible.

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