US Government cracks down on doctors, forces transgender agenda


Doctors in the US who refuse to perform gender transition procedures on children could face a lawsuit or job loss, a public interest law firm in the US has said.

The Becket Fund wrote in a press release:

Doctors, hospitals and five states will file a lawsuit today against a new federal regulation that would force doctors to ignore science and their medical judgment and perform gender transition procedures on children.

The law firm also pointed out a startling contradiction – government agencies were not required to fund gender transition procedures because of known medical risks. Nevertheless, doctors would be forced to perform the procedures despite their better medical judgment. 

The government does not even require Medicare and Medicaid to cover these same gender transition procedures because the Health & Human Services’ (HHS) medical experts found the risks were often too high and benefits too unclear. But any doctor citing the same evidence and their judgment in an individual case would be in violation of the new mandate and face potential lawsuits or job loss.

Lori Windham, senior counsel of the Becket Fund, said:

“No doctor should be forced to perform a procedure that he or she believes will harm a child… Decisions on a child’s medical treatment should be between families and their doctors, not dictated by politicians and government bureaucrats.”

Doctors are in the business of healing, not harming, their patients.  The most fundamental principle of medical ethics, “do no harm,” is being shoved aside by an aggressive and oppressive gender ideology which knows no limits.  This key aspect of the vocation of a doctor is being overruled by governmental diktat, and children are the ones who will be harmed.

This is what happens when the law mandates that gender must not matter: freedom of conscience and even common sense are overridden in the name of “equality.”

It is unsettling that such fundamental policy decisions are being made – or in Australia’s case, contemplated – based on such limited evidence. With these new laws, it seems that ideology has taken precedence over the professional opinion of doctors. 

The Becket Fund filed a lawsuit in federal district court on Aug 23. More information can be found at the “HHS Transgender Mandate” website. The study from The New Atlantis can be found here

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