VIC Government Desperately Clings to Struggling Safe Schools Program

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Victoria-Safe-Schools.pngEven in the face of reality, Safe Schools advocates ardently try to deny the fact that the majority of Australians do not support the radical program. While North South Wales and Tasmania announced that both states would be dropping the controversial program, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is fighting to keep Safe Schools in Victoria

The federal government reviewed Safe Schools material last year. “Federal funding provided under the previous government’s contract ends in the middle of this year and will not be renewed,” a spokesman for Education Minister Simon Birmingham said ­yesterday.


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews kept the program, however, and has vowed to maintain it beyond the funding cut. “There are no plans to scrap the Safe Schools program in Victoria,” a government spokesman said yesterday … While Victoria has become the chief backer of Safe Schools, other states still accommodate the program. Take-up in some of these states, such as Western Australia, has been low.

Kevin Donnelly, a senior research fellow at the Australian Catholic University, described the Andrews government’s commitment to the struggling program as “out on a limb,” and revealing how out of touch Victorian government officials are with reality.

“It doesn’t surprise me (Victoria is) clinging on to it, but they are out on a limb,” Dr Donnelly told The Australian. Dr Donnelly was one of the first and most strident critics of the program. “It should be replaced with a broader, more general program which targets all the ways students are bullied in schools,” he said.

Aside from its cut from federal funding, the Safe Schools program in Victoria was revealed to have very low registration, making Andrews’ commitment to the Safe Schools program even more ridiculous:

One in four public high schools have not yet signed up to Safe Schools before the controversial program becomes mandatory… Almost 70 public secondary schools were yet to join the program, which becomes compulsory at the end of 2018.

Just 17 per cent of independent secondary, primary and combined schools run the program, according to the March member list. Only two Catholic schools had signed up.

The Safe Schools program is certainly a drain on school and government resources – and Andrews is wasting his breath trying to convince Australians otherwise. As Dr Donnelly further remarked:

“The fact that all schools are not involved demonstrates that there is a community concern about the program,” he said. “There is no secret that Victoria and Australia are going back in international tests ... so it is wasteful and wrong that we are focusing on ideological programs like Safe Schools.”

An Education Department spokesman said all students had the right to feel safe at school. But the opposition has vowed to dump the program. Opposition education spokesman Nick Wakeling said Safe Schools would be replaced with a program that addresses “all forms” of bullying. “It’s no wonder education standards are slipping when Daniel Andrews is so preoccupied with these social engineering projects,” he said.

While the Andrews government is clinging to its Safe Schools program in Victoria, Australians know the truth. The low registration in Victoria shows that many Australians are not falling for Safe Schools’ facade of being an “anti-bullying” program. Many are fully aware that Safe Schools is nothing more than a social engineering movement from the LGBTI lobby, aimed at our children. Safe Schools has forced itself into our school systems through dodgy means and outright bullying tactics – and they are still losing.

As we saw in NSW and Tasmania, Safe Schools cannot withstand the power of the silent majority when its members speak out and take action. Safe Schools may have the Andrews government support, but they can’t pull the wool over the eyes of ordinary Aussies. The LGBTI lobby will undoubtedly continue to push their radical program in schools, but they now know they will have to answer to the Australian people.

How much do you know about Safe Schools? Equip yourself here.

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