VIC Schools Admit No Evidence of ‘Homophobic Bullying’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-VIC-Schools-Admi-No-Evidence-Homophobic-Bullying.jpgAfter the Victorian government committed over $2 million to the Safe Schools program, education officials have now admitted they do not have data to back it.

Not only is the theoretical basis of the program contested, even government officials admit is not supported by hard evidence. Victoria’s Department of Education and Training admitted it cannot provide statistics on the causes of bullying, such as gender, sexual preference, race, disability, physical appearance or faith.

The Australian reported that the concession came during questioning after a parliamentary hearing.

 “Instances of bullying are often recorded by schools. However, the root causes and reasons for bullying behaviour are often complex and may not be easily identifiable,” was the department’s response to the public ­accounts and estimates hearing held in February.

“In many instances children and young people involved in bullying are not able to clearly articulate the reason for their behaviour, therefore making reporting on the root causes for bullying behaviou­r unreliable.”

Safe Schools has been in place in Victoria since 2010, and will be made compulsory in all government schools by the end of next year.  The questions about whether the program was actually addressing a real issue – rather than pushing a political agenda –should have been asked a long time ago. Children are being exposed to contested theories of gender at a young age, simply because a small group of intellectuals at La Trobe University convinced the government it was necessary to teach LGBT issues in schools to protect children from bullying.

The Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino, previously stated that 75 percent of same-sex-attracted youth have experienced bullying. This claim – which the Minister often repeated – has not been supported by any data.  

According to member of the opposition Tim Smith, it was obvious that the DET had not investigated the causes of bullying in schools.

“Good policy should be evidenced-based [sic],” Mr Smith told The Weekend Australian.

“All children should be taught tolerance and respect for the multi­plicity of differences that exist between students, whether it’s based on social background, gender, sexual preference, religio­n, language, appearance et cetera.

“The Safe Schools program is a highly politicised program aimed at spreading a postmodernist ideology and radical ideas about sex and gender — not combating homophobia.” The Liberal Party had committed to scrapping Safe Schools in favour of a comprehensive anti-bullying program.

Students are being exposed to contested gender theory because a small group of intellectuals and politicians have decided to force it upon them.  The need for the program was not supported by evidence, and evidence emerging since its introduction seems to show that it is more harmful than helpful, with the number of children presenting with gender dysphoria increasing exponentially.

This needs to stop, and Marriage Alliance will continue to speak out on your behalf.

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