A parent’s account unveils the real subject of Victoria’s ‘relationships education’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Victoria-relationships-education.jpgWhen humans seek to redefine (and ignore) biological truths, they start sliding down a slippery slope, one that ultimately leads to chaos.

Here in Australia, we have our own real life example of this in action: the state of Victoria. Victoria has a dubious record when it comes to sex and relationships education. It is, after all, the birthplace of Safe Schools – a program which is now being incorporated into the state’s curriculum.

Safe Schools was introduced under the guise of ‘anti-bullying.’ Another similarly innocuous-sounding program, Building Respectful Relationships, was brought in under the umbrella of addressing gender-based violence.

In an op-ed for The Spectator, concerned parent Charlotte Lord recounted her child’s experiences of this “relationship education” – a cover-up for blatant, radical sex education in the classroom from an early age:

Typically in those long ago days of five years ago, sexuality education began in Year Three. Some schools have in-house programs and others use approved providers like the above-mentioned Family Life Victoria.  These days, the lessons start younger, in Preps and Grade One, 

Lord provides an example of one of these lessons, as well as the dismissive response from the teacher:

Last year, in Year Eight, for example, my child explained to me how she’d learned at school a month prior that it was okay to experiment sexually and she’d not get into trouble. There was no discussion of the legal age of consent nor of abstinence; not that she could recall. The message was that you could feel free to try anything you like. It’s all good. Please note that I wasn’t present, nor was this the exact wording from the teacher. This was the interpretation that my daughter took away from the lesson. 

After classroom exercises dealing with the sexual behaviour of minors and the stereotyping of heterosexual fathers as being homophobic, I sent an email to her teacher explaining that I found the material offensive and derogatory towards fathers and I wanted to remove my child from the lesson.


The teacher replied that as a heterosexual male he had no objection to the language used.

The flippant attitude of the teacher is consistent with how Safe Schools creator, Marxist academic Roz Ward, encouraged school principals and other leaders to respond to concerned parents. A leaked video from a forum for more than 300 people showed Ward providing the following advice:

“When people do complain then school leadership can very calmly and graciously say, ‘You know what? We’re doing it anyway, tough luck’!” 

A Safe Schools-inspired forceful position from school leadership, combined with the relentless push by the Victorian government to have these programs in all schools has had a chilling effect on parents, who are becoming increasingly afraid to raise their voices. Lord writes:

Occasionally there are parents who are as horrified as I am, but they rarely agree out loud straight away. 

When you delve into the matter with them, when you provide them with a safe space to discuss it, so to speak, then small concerns creep into the open. 

Not every parent has as thick a hide as I do, and many are intimidated by the weight of authority carried by the government as represented by teachers and principals.

She also describes how parents are kept continually in the dark about what is going on in their child’s school: 

Note that information on sexuality education is rarely provided in detail. It is marketed to parents and the general public as a Necessary Good, and we are supposed to feel grateful that it’s there to take the burden of uncomfortable conversations with our offspring off our weary shoulders. 

The problem with this view is that it promotes the abrogation of the parent’s role to the educational provider, and this can lead to disruption and confusion in the family.

Sadly, this account is neither unusual nor unique: the testimonies of many other parents reflect the same reality. Children are being taught radical gender ideology under the guise of “anti-bullying” programs, which – as Charlotte Lord recounted – even teachers are uncomfortable with enforcing. Referring to her encounter with the Year 8 teacher who characterised heterosexual fathers as homophobic:

My email was escalated to my daughter’s home room teacher, and another phone conversation ensued. This bore the interesting fruit when the teacher expressed concerns about the Safe Schools and Building Respectful Relationships lessons of her own. She felt that some of the materials were too risqué for her Year Nine students and so modified them, and also admitted that she knew of other teachers who did not use the provided exercises at all but substituted their own.

What does it say about our own government-approved and supplied classroom materials when even teachers are uncomfortable with them?

Parents like Charlotte Lord are speaking up and showing the government that the radical gender ideology in schools has to stop. It has been toppled in NSW and Tasmania – time for the rest of Australia to follow suit.

Thank the politicians from NSW and Tasmania who put a stop to Safe Schools.

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