Victorian Government: Don’t say “Husband” or “Wife”. It’s offensive!

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Victoria-Husband-Wife-Offensive.jpgIn a new government-issued “Inclusive Language Guide,” public service employees in Victoria are being taught to avoid “heteronormative” language. According to the new “guidelines,” words such as “husband” and “wife” could be seen as offensive. 

Just like Safe Schools, this is another attack on freedom of speech and common sense. This “inclusive” restriction of speech, disguised as a platform to eradicate bullying, is yet another absurd, over-reach by radical gender ideologues.

As reported by The Australian:

In his introduction to the guide, Victorian Equality Minister Martin Foley says the government’s responsibility is to keep people safe, including the LGBTI community.

“The guide is one of the ways in which we are addressing and eradicating homophobia, biphobia and transphobia,” he says.

Ro Allen, the state’s first gender and sexuality commissioner, encourages businesses also to use of the guide, saying that equipping people with correct language [emphasis added] will “promote safer spaces” for LGBTI Victorians.

The guide, developed with support from Victoria’s LGBTI Taskforce which comprises activists and academics, says “it is important to challenge our thinking beyond the binary constructs of male and female”.

“Some people may identify as agender (having no gender), bigender (both a woman and a man) or non-binary (neither woman nor man). There is a diverse range of non-binary gender identities such as gender queer, gender neutral, genderfluid and third gendered ... language in this space is still evolving.”

The “correct” terminology includes the gender-neutral pronouns “zie” and “hir”, while outlawing “gender-exclusive” terms such as “husband” and “wife”. Essentially, the guide authorises the government to dictate what language is “correct” and what would be “offensive”.

Opposition parliamentary spokesman, Tim Smith, said the guide was an example of “minority fundamentalism gone berserk”.

Centre for Independent Studies senior research fellow Jeremy Sammut described the guide as “a totalitarian project” and affirming something we all know: “I would think it is possible to treat people with respect and respect people’s privacy without resorting to this,” he said.

Victorian blogger Murray Campbell can see the links between the different forms of gender ideology being pushed through Victoria and around Australia. He writes:

“The Government has a growing list of policy initiatives that allege to defend equality and safety for LGBTIQ Victorians. I gladly affirm policies that will protect people from harm, but it is clear however, that the Government’s agenda exceeds these goals, and there is the now explicit intent to rewrite the human understanding of male and female.” [Emphasis added]

“Whether it is Safe Schools, the birth certificate legislation, Respectful Relationships, or this workers guide, what we are told to believe is that heteronormacy is false and unethical. Indeed, as with Safe Schools, these Guidelines judge that anyone affirming heteronormacy is sexist, and their views are to be removed from the workplace.”

Mr Campbell also predicts a bleak future for those who wish to hold to biological definitions of gender:

As crazy as it sounds, in the foreseeable future Victorians will be forced to refrain from speaking of anyone as a woman or man, boy or girl, daughter or son. Instead, we will told by Governmental authorities what the correct language is, and those who fail to comply will no doubt find themselves in hot water.

The new moral vision that Daniel Andrews is championing will not lead to a fairer Victoria, but a more confused Victoria, and one where people are fearful to use natural and wonderful words like husband and wife, and man and woman, lest they be bullied for pseudo-sexism.

We should not be afraid to affirm manhood and womanhood. No one should be called sexist for using the natural categories of wife and husband.

What do you think? Are you happy with the government dictating what language is “correct”? If we do not protect our marriage laws from being conformed to a radical gender ideology, our speech is only one of many freedoms that we will lose to government dictatorship.

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