Is your voice being heard in Canberra?

MA_Image_Sophie_York.jpgBy: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokeswoman –

Some of our politicians never seem to learn. Poll after poll reflects the fact that people want their voice heard on marriage, including one released just last week.

The July Essential Report poll confirmed that most voters want a say on same-sex marriage, with 59% of Australians wanting same-sex marriage decided by a national vote, and the Newspoll released last week showed only 39% for the vote to be put in the hands of politicians alone.

So, what is preventing a people’s vote?
Simply put: politics.

Dismissing the polls, and the voice of the people, a group of politicians intends to return this August with one goal in mind --- to redefine marriage behind closed doors!

Before they return on 8 August, let’s remind our politicians that we have a voice and we want that voice to be heard!

Click here to urge your state’s Coalition MPs and Senators to stand by their promised plebiscite on marriage!

Over the last few weeks, Marriage Alliance has been leading the charge in this regard. Already, over 100,000 emails have been sent by our supporters directly to MPs and Senators!

If you haven’t already, will you participate in our campaign urging your Coalition MPs and Senators to stand by their promised plebiscite on marriage? It only takes two minutes!

If you already signed, please consider urging family or friends to participate. Let your friends and family know that with one click, they can remind their Coalition MPs that Australians expect them to deliver the plebiscite promised at the last election. We have a special referral page here: give-us-a-say-on-marriage.

The blocking of the plebiscite by Labor, NXT and Greens senators has emboldened some Coalition MPs to think they can go back on an election promise to let the people decide.

Please participate today to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear before August.

Make your voice heard now

We are grateful for your participation in this grassroots campaign to defend marriage!


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