Volunteer Magistrate Punished for Being Honest About Her Beliefs

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Volunteer-Magistrate-Punished-Honest-About-Her-Beliefs.jpgThe consequences of redefining marriage in the United Kingdom continue to be felt by ordinary citizens, with a volunteer magistrate of 16 years being stood down for not wanting to adjudicate a case involving custody arrangements for same-sex parents.

According to Patrick Foster of The Telegraph:

A magistrate who refused to sit on a same-sex parenting case has been given a formal warning for misconduct.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said it had ordered Susan Preston to stand down from hearing future family cases after she “declined to adjudicate on a case... because of her personal views about same-sex couple parenting”.

It is a strange phenomenon. It would make sense to commend a magistrate for declining to sit on a case if they did not consider that they would able to hear the case fairly because of their personal beliefs, because it would ensure that the decision-maker was truly impartial. Instead, Mrs Preston was penalised.

Sadly, this case is not an outlier. Back in 2014, we saw Magistrate Richard Page removed from the bench after 15 years of service. His error? Stating his objections to same-sex adoption.

A spokesman for the JCIO said: "The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice found that Mr Page's comments on national television would have caused a reasonable person to conclude he was biased and prejudiced against single sex adopters; they considered this to be serious misconduct which brought the magistracy into disrepute.

"They have therefore removed Mr Page from the magistracy.

"In 2014 the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice issued Mr Page with a reprimand after finding that during a Family Court hearing he had allowed himself to be influenced by his religious beliefs and not by the evidence." 

The atrocity does not stop there. UK authorities are not only shamelessly firing their employees for their religious standing, but they are now discussing banning religion or religious people from office. Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, is aiding the movement to sue for religious discrimination against Mrs. Preston. She suggests there is a “clear pattern emerging” of “a Christian bar to public office,” adding:

If you hold the belief that marriage is between a man and woman and that children need a mother and father you are punished. This kind of exclusion is dangerous for society and must be stopped.”

It is cases like these that disprove the claim that same-sex marriage only affects same-sex couples. These cases may seem far removed from our day-to-day life, but it is only a matter of time before we are the ones getting fired for our personal beliefs. If fundamental rights are already compromised in the name of “acceptance,” how much more will we lose if the definition of marriage is changed? 

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