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Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Devine-LGBTI-Intolerance.jpgWith their intimidation and harassment of social conservatives, the rainbow bullies are rapidly squandering the public goodwill built up over years for their cause. That’s why they don’t want a plebiscite. - Miranda Devine

The LGBTI lobby is always calling for “tolerance” and “equality”, but it advocates and practices intolerance and bullying when it comes to traditional marriage supporters. 

We know that Marriage Alliance supporters are amongst those who are feeling pressure to bow to the LGBTI agenda in their employment.  Many of you have reached out to us, and we are making sure the rest of Australia hears your voice too.

In her recent column discussing the campaign against IBM’s Managing Partner Mark Allaby, Miranda Devine also highlighted many of your stories, which we were able to share with her after you reached out to us.  She writes:

One Telstra employee says: “Even though I declined to attend the “Wear It Purple” Day meeting, I have since been re-sent the meeting invite by an Executive Director 6 times. The meeting invite says staff are “required” (not “optional”) attendees.”

One former Qantas pilot says: “What caused me to resign is the company’s... active campaigning for the redefinition of marriage. [There] was a cultural pressure to conform, from the internal media and company culture.

“We’d be sitting in our cockpit, and receive an email expecting something operational, only to find it was another email about the [LGBTIQ] agenda. We were bombarded with this stuff.

“We got at times 4 emails a week about it. I knew I had to go, because I didn’t belong there... People are so afraid of being shouted down as a bigot.”

An academic at the University of Sydney says: “The university is pushing its social agenda more and more. I don’t feel like I have the right to voice an opinion now that the administration is supporting it. I feel like it limits debate, in an institution where our job is to debate the truth.” 

An employee of an unidentified organisation says: “There has been such a push in our workplace with rainbow flags, coasters, “gay ally” signs everywhere, lapel pins… the list goes on. If I or anyone else dares to say anything, we get howled down… The silent majority of the workforce is over it, but not game to say anything.”

Devine noted that often in these employment situations, the employee does not even need to make their views known in order to be made a target of the LGBTI lobby: 

Allaby had not expressed any view one way or another on same-sex marriage. He was simply targeted by LGBTIQ activists because of his association with a Christian organisation, the Lachlan Macquarie Institute, which provides internships for future Christian leaders, with tuition in history, theology, law, politics and Australian culture.

The Australian revealed this week how IBM was targeted with a barrage of twitter messages questioning its employment of Allaby from LGBTIQ and Greens activists. A similar social media campaign was successful last year in forcing Allaby off the board of the Australian Christian Lobby, and out of his senior executive job at PwC, another signed up corporate member of the “Marriage Equality” lobby.

Cowardly PwC leaned on Allaby to quit the ACL board, thus handing the rainbow bullies his scalp as a trophy to intimidate other dissenters. Allaby had no option but quietly to resign from PwC and find another job with IBM. One year later the bullies have come after him again.

Repeatedly, we see the hypocrisy of the same-sex marriage lobby, and their totalitarian demands that society not only accepts, but bows to their agenda.

The rest of Australia is beginning to see it too.  As they hear your stories, which we are able to amplify through the media while protecting your privacy, people are beginning to realise that changing the definition of marriage will have consequences for everyone, including in their employment.

Please continue to let us know how the push for marriage redefinition is affecting you so that we can stand up on your behalf against the increasing intolerance of the same-sex marriage bullies.

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