What Are We Saying ‘Yes’ To?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-What-Are-We-Saying-Yes-To.jpgThe plebiscite may be out, but the postal vote is in the works.

Now, same-sex marriage advocates are coming out of the woodwork, aggressively rallying people to their cause. 

However, many Australians are unaware that the ‘yes’ vote will have more implications than mere ‘marriage equality’. Many could vote on this issue without foreknowledge of the consequences. 

In this light, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney published a personal statement, warning that same-sex marriage could expose many Australians and faith-based institutions to the risk of “harassment and coercion”. In his statement, given to the The Australian, he posed basic questions which have gone unanswered by our politicians:

“What protections will be ­offered to people who work for church-run institutions such as schools, hospitals and universities?” he said. “Will teachers be free to teach church teaching on marriage or will they be forced to teach a more politically correct curriculum?

“Will employers of such church agencies be free to choose staff in sympathy with their church’s teachings? Will Catholic welfare agencies be required to provide marriage preparation or marriage counselling for same-sex couples on pain of being dragged before anti-discrimin­ation tribunals?”

“Will children in government schools be subjected to propaganda in favour of same-sex marriage and gender fluidity such as the infamous Safe Schools program?” he said. “Will parents be free to take their children out of such classes? Will church schools be expected to toe the line also?”

The Archbishop also cited evidence of his argument from both history and the present day:

“In other parts of the world that have legalised same-sex marriage, those who believe in traditional marriage have been harassed or coerced into complying with the new view of marriage. It would be extremely naive to think that won’t happen here.

Despite same-sex marriage advocates’ aggressive denunciation and pushback, the ‘no’ campaign has been given some ear in Senate: Senator Canavan has requested that same-sex marriage proponents propose legislation to demonstrate that they are invested in protecting the freedoms of the silent majority.

Thanks to the efforts of those like the Archbishop of Sydney to proactively defend the rights and freedoms of Australians, the concerns of the silent majority are being broadcast to the government. As this postal vote gets closer, every one of us must band together to defend our voice and our freedom. 

Understand what voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ means, and share the truth with everyone. No matter the result, the postal vote has consequences for all of us. 

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