What Comes After “LGB”

2016-06-10_LGB.jpg“What is the harm in allowing same-sex couples to marry? It’s not like same-sex marriage affects heterosexual couples.”

Have you ever heard misguided statements like this from those advocating for the redefinition of marriage? Those who make such arguments often fail to understand the consequences that stem from fundamentally changing what marriage is – or better put, the dangerous trajectory society sets for itself when it surrenders to whims of an anti-family agenda.

Mercatornet associate editor Zac Alstin explains why the legalisation of same-sex marriage ushers in an accelerated assault on the basic truths of masculinity and femininity:

It might feel like the pace of change is accelerating, but in reality Transgenderism is just a variation on the same underlying themes already accepted by the majority of people who support same-sex marriage. And in those 20+ years of growing support that “T…” has been an overt if overshadowed presence.

Support for same-sex marriage signifies a willingness to redefine foundational and enduring elements of society and culture for the sake of marginalised and victimised self-identified sexual minorities. And if a society is willing to redefine marriage to be more inclusive of people’s homosexual identities, why not redefine “man” and “woman” to be more inclusive of people’s gender identities?

It is the very act of surrendering to the whims of the same-sex marriage movement that opens the door for transgenderism to rear its head and show its true face. 

At face value, the question of whether men can marry men and women marry women seems barely connected to the question of whether a man who feels like a woman should expect to be treated like one.

But in reality both issues play out along very similar lines: are we willing to change or redefine social conventions to accommodate aggrieved and victimised minorities, so long as it doesn’t appear to cost us anything and means a lot to the people in question? The majority of Americans have answered “yes” in the instance of same-sex marriage. Why would they not answer “yes” when it comes to Transgenderism?

Same-sex marriage is only the first step. Once marriage has been irrevocability broken down, transgenderism will only be strengthened in attempts to reverse the biological truths of gender that have guided society for millennia. 

Truth cannot be denied to satisfy the whims of a progressive, anti-family agenda. Before Australians vote on same-sex marriage, we must understand what comes after LGB – the next stage of cultural activism. 

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