What Tolerance? LGBTIQ Australians Reject Religious Freedom

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-LGBTIQ-Australians-Reject-Religious-Freedom.jpgIn what is being lauded as the “largest” survey to date of LGBTIQ Australians, an overwhelming 90% oppose protections for religious freedoms when it comes to same-sex marriage. Even more shocking is the extreme and hard nature of the community’s overall stance when it comes to tolerating those with differing views. 

Out of approximately 6,342 LGBTIQ survey respondents, the overwhelming majority oppose protection for the religious freedoms of civil marriage celebrants:

92.6% of respondents opposed exemptions for civil celebrants to wed same-sex couples based on conscientious or religious belief. This dropped slightly to 91.2% when asked if they would accept a civil celebrant exemption in order to achieve same-sex marriage. 

Asked about an exemption for religious organisations providing a non-religious service that could pertain to marriage – for instance, hall rental – 94.3% of respondents said they disagreed.

The survey clearly shows that even though same-sex marriage advocates consistently promise that “same-sex marriage won’t affect you,” their intent is to enforce their view on everyone. Over half (59%) of LGBTIQ Australians opposed allowing ministers of religion to decline to marry same-sex couples, even if it is against their religion. Australian Marriage Equality has even rejected exemptions for military chaplains!

Despite their strong opposition to any religious freedom at all, a number of LGBTIQ activists would be willing to allow the religious freedom protections to go through, on the assumption that they will be repealed at a later date. See, for example, extracts from submission from Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby NSW:

If we can get legalisation of same-sex marriage as [soon] as possible once it’s in place it will be easier to get rid of discriminatory exemptions … Only because I’m sure they will be shot down not long after, and at least this gives an option to loving couples to finally be able to celebrate their love. 

The “religious freedom for ministers of religion” is the only issue where there is any contention among the LGBTIQ community. In all other respects, it is pretty much unanimous: LGBTIQ Australians will accept no protection for religious freedom.

But isn’t religion just as much a part of a person’s identity as their sexual orientation or gender identity? As long as such activists are claiming that biology is irrelevant in such matters, the argument that religion is a “choice” and sexual orientation and gender identity are not, simply does not hold. 

Make no mistake: this isn’t about “live and let live,” and it has nothing to do with tolerance. They’re coming after your rights, because they simply don’t think you should have them.

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