Whatever Happened to Morality and Fairness?

2016-06-16_Broken_Family.jpgIn an article for Townhall, author and radio host Dr. Michael Brown articulates how LGBTI activism brings about a complete overhaul of morality and fairness.

[I]f you commit adultery and abandon your family out of heterosexual desires, you are a despicable human being. But if you do it out of homosexual desires, you are a hero and champion. You even become an international celebrity, albeit not without some controversy.

LGBT activists would also tell us that, had society not forced gays into the closet, these men would never have been under pressure to marry women in the first place. And I can only imagine the sense of emotional relief they experienced when they finally “came out.” But none of this changes the fact that: 1) they broke the wedding vows they made; 2) many of them had marriages that were functioning well before they came out; 3) they ultimately put their own needs above those of their spouses and children; 4) they did not (and could not) truly calculate the long-term effects of their decision on their family; 5) in many cases, they were unfaithful while married and it was their relationship to another man that caused them to come out. 

When society is forced to rewrite the rules of morality and marital exclusivity for same-sex pursuits, it is the spouses and children who bear the consequence of broken families, broken promises, and a society that not only supports but often actively encourages their parent/spouse’s choice to abandon them.

But there is even more to consider when it comes to the rules of fairness.

Consider this scenario. A highly decorated, female high-school athlete is found to have an unfair advantage over her peers, because of which that they are not competing on level ground. How would society view her accomplishments?

“You should be ashamed of yourself, taking supplements or bending the rules or doing whatever you did to win. That is so unfair to the other girls, and you should be stripped of your medals.” She replies, “But I’m transgender.” How does society react now?

“We are so sorry for being critical! The fact that you’re a biological male shouldn’t be held against you when competing with the other girls. And if they have a problem with it, they’re just a bunch of insecure transphobes.”

So what if your daughter is now competing for an athletic scholarship with someone else’s son. So what if the girls’ softball team now loses consistently to its archrival because their new star player is a biological male. And, as we are now learning, so what if your teenage daughters are terribly upset by the presence of a physical boy in their locker rooms and shower stalls. The only issue is that the transgender-identified student feels safe and affirmed, regardless of how this affects everyone else.

As the Charlotte Observer infamously counseled, girls will just have to get over the “discomfort” of seeing male genitalia in their locker rooms. Needless to say, when it comes to marriages affected by transgender issues, normal standards disappear as well. Thus the man who breaks his wife’s heart after decades of marriage and destroys his relationship with his kids is deemed a courageous hero if he did it because, he says, he could no longer live as a man and had to identify as a woman.

It is in the interest of society to support, encourage, and protect the family unit, not laud individuals who choose to walk away from their families in order to pursue new, alternative lifestyles while leaving their family with no “choice” but to deal with the consequences of their decision.

In the same vein, if we truly want males and females to compete on an even playing field, we need to reaffirm why biological males can only compete against other biological males, and biological females with other biological females. Males, after all, have greater muscle mass by design, which naturally provides an advantage in sports. So while the external appearance of a male-to-female transgender individual may change, the entire DNA and genetic makeup is still biologically male. Rewriting the rules of fairness will do nothing to advance competition for athletes; it will only provide a massively unfair advantage to those who identify as transgender. 

“This is all part of a larger societal narrative,” Dr. Brown notes, “in which freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience are consistently trumped by gay and transgender ‘rights.’ The question that needs to be asked now is – are we willing to accept this bending of morality and fairness to accommodate the LGBTI agenda? Or will we stand up to protect the family, our children, and marriage, the building block of society?  

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