When Parents and Surrogates Disagree on Abortion

Article describes the story of Melissa Cook, a surrogate mother from the United States who was asked by the commissioning father to abort one of the triplets she was carrying.  She refused, and a legal battle ensued.

The article states that the vast majority of surrogacy contracts allow the parents to make a decision about abortion.  It quotes the executive director of a surrogacy agency saying that this is the main purpose of a surrogacy contract.

The article comments that this is not simply a case of legality, but has political and bioethical implications, because it concerns the “reproductive autonomy” of the woman.

The article is a good example of how the potential for dispute and exploitation of women is not confined to commercial surrogacy in the third world, and is a good piece to show the potential negative implications of legalising surrogacy in Australia.

Read the full article here.

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