Where the Rainbow Flag Flies, the Marriage Alliance Banner Answers

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Banner.jpgThere can be no doubt that our politicians are increasingly aware that the silent majority are drawing together, insisting that they must listen to us.  Just this week in Parliament House, Marriage Alliance was named as the key opponent to the LGBTI agenda represented by the rainbow flag, verifying your voice is indeed being heard in Canberra!

There needs to be a balance in politics. If a rainbow flag is being flown in support of same-sex marriage, then there needs to be a banner representing those who support traditional marriage. 

Elected politicians are supposed to represent all people, not just special interest groups. It is imperative that they use their position to benefit Australia as a whole, not catering solely to one subgroup of people. Unfortunately, many politicians cowardly surrender to the politically correct beliefs of the day, alienating themselves from the very people whom they are meant to serve.

But in the supposedly neutral corridors of some government buildings, a vocal minority has been receiving preferential treatment: rainbow flags, symbolising support for same-sex marriage were flown in the foyer of the Department of Finance.

However, one politician decried the move, and demanded a balance in representing sides of the same-sex marriage debate, specifically that the voices of the silent majority of Australians be heard. Senator Eric Abetz called out staff members for their biased support, recognising that it might make the workplace uncomfortable for staff members who did not agree with the blatantly political message:

[Senator Abetz] said a staff member of the department had reported that a rainbow flag, associated with the LGBTIQ community and the fight for same-sex marriage, had been displayed in the Finance foyer.

Senator Abetz told department officials and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann the flag's presence and political nature might upset some staff members.

Recognising that Marriage Alliance is helping to amplify the voice of the silent majority, he recognised us as the alternative to the same-sex marriage agenda, represented so ubiquitously by the rainbow flag:

"To cut to the chase, there was the rainbow flag on display in the lobby which, believe it or not, some people see as an activist flag for a particular cause in relation to an issue of whether or not we should change the legislation on marriage and some people of course support that cause, others don't.

"If that is allowed, then one imagines that the Marriage Alliance banner should be flown equally," he said.

Senator Abetz should be lauded for boldly demanding equal rights and tolerance for both sides of the marriage debate – ironically, what the LGBTI agenda hypocritically fails to espouse.

The presence of the rainbow flag – likely paid for by taxpayers – in the walls of a government building, is another example of why we must never tire in our fight to stand up for marriage and for the freedoms of all Australians. 

No matter how same-sex marriage advocates try to discourage us, we will not give up. As the above story indicates, the voice of the silent majority is being heard loud and clear by our politicians. Until the people of Australia are given a vote to decide the issue for themselves, we will continue to make the voice of the silent majority heard across Australia.



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