Why Is the NSW Government Keeping Safe Schools Participation a Secret from Parents?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-NSW-Government-Keeping-Safe-Schools-Participation-Secret-Parents.jpgSafe Schools’ dangerous agenda has repeatedly been revealed to be more ideological than educational, outraging parents by the sexual content and gender ideology it pushes on children. In NSW, parents are asking the NSW Government to reveal which schools are participating in the controversial program, but the NSW Government insists on keeping the list of NSW Safe Schools secret from parents.

According to The Australian

NSW is under mounting pressure to reveal the names of schools signed up to the controversial Safe Schools program after the state’s privacy and information watchdog rejected claims that disclosure would expose students to serious harm, harassment or intimidation.

The department has twice knocked back a disclosure request under the Government Information Public Access Act, arguing that releasing the names of participating schools would also lead to the potential identification of individual students.

New Education Minister Rob Stokes, who has been in the job for less than a month, yesterday endorsed the department’s decision, suggesting that the government’s position on the Safe Schools program, which assists same-sex attracted and transgender youth by promoting sexual diversity and gender fluidity, was unlikely to change.

Clearly, the NSW Government is prioritising the Safe Schools agenda over the rights of parents to make informed decisions about their children’s education. NSW officials fear (and rightly so) that if they reveal which schools participate in the Safe Schools program, parents who object to the program’s controversial content will withdraw their children from the school – as is their right and responsibility as a parent. NSW school officials do not want to give parents this option. Simply stated, the NSW Government prioritises school numbers over the rights of parents. Ironically, even Safe Schools itself was willing to publicise which schools participate in their curriculum:

The Safe Schools Coalition had previously listed member schools on its website. However, the NSW government pulled its schools from the website last July. According to the Education Department, of the 31 public schools previously outed as Safe Schools members, more than half had claimed they had been negatively targeted as a result. Consequently, some schools had withdrawn from the program, while several principals reported that parents had removed their children from the school.

The NSW Government has reacted poorly throughout this whole situation. This is not the first time the NSW Government has used secrecy as a way of preventing parents from knowing what their children were learning in school. After details of the Crossroads program – which taught students that gender varied like the weather – were released by the media, the NSW Department of Education simply removed the resource from its website.

While not only revealing their disregard for parents’ rights, NSW has also shown their citizens that the government feels no obligation to be forthright, open, and honest about their actions:

Labor MP Greg Donnelly, a longstanding Safe Schools critic, requested a list of NSW primary and secondary school members under the GIPA Act last July. The department rejected the application in September.

Mr Donnelly appealed to the Information and Privacy Commission, which ruled in his favour, recommending the department make a new decision, with “regard to the matters raised and guidance in this ­report”.

. . . .

Following an internal review, the department affirmed its decision this month. It cited an Australian Human Rights Commission report that said schools were “significant sites of homophobic violence and abuse”, with the problem “increasing over time”.

Mr Donnelly, who is considering appealing over the matter to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, expressed concerns that the department continued to withhold the information, despite the criticisms of the Information Commissioner. “It begs the question, what is the NSW government hiding,” he said.

The NSW Government knows that parents are not fooled by Safe Schools’ claim to be “anti-bullying” – hence, the government’s secrecy regarding which schools are involved in the program. Parental rights, children’s wellbeing, and our own freedoms are being threatened by this “secret” kowtowing of the government to agendas that have proven to be detrimental to children.

We know there are consequences for accepting radical agendas that rewrite societal foundations such as marriage, gender, family, and free speech. Cleary, government officials know this as well – thus they try to hide the truth from the Australian people. This leads to an even more disturbing thought: what else is the government hiding from us about our children’s education? 

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