Mark Latham: ‘Yes’ Campaign is a Threat to Democracy

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Mark-Latham-Democracy.jpgRegardless of where one stands on the marriage debate, one thing is very clear: the ‘Yes’ campaign is not just about ‘love’.

Over the years, the LGBTI agenda has routinely proven that there are no holds barred when it comes to revoking the fundamental freedoms of Australians, in particular where it concerns freedom of speech. In recent days, the situation has only worsened, as activists display pointed aggression towards fellow citizens who dare to disagree with them. 

Now, people such as former Labor leader Mark Latham, a staunch supporter of same-sex marriage, are coming out of the woodwork to express their concerns. During an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Mr Latham stated

'[The ‘Yes’ campaign] is about control of what people can say, what people can think, what people can believe in and even where people can speak.’

'In a democracy, this is just horrific news.'

His concerns were validated earlier this month, when both Wrest Point Casino prevented the Coalition for Marriage from hosting a ‘No’ campaign rally. The Casino actually cancelled the reservation, which had been booked by the Coalition in advance. Mr Latham pointed out:

‘People day-by-day are working out that the 'Yes' campaign is not about love, it's about control.’

'If we think it's bad now, then the overseas experience tells us that emboldened by a 'Yes' vote, the gay, left militant movement would become even more militant and insist on even more control over what people believe,' he said.

'Same-sex marriage is like a religion: unless you believe it in, you're crucified.'

Under the guise of “equal rights” the LGBTI agenda is forcing Australians to conform to the narrow bandwidth of acceptable behavior which has been dictated by political correctness. Latham notes:

'They talk about diversity but they're after a homogeneous society where everyone is identical.’

The redefinition of marriage will be the ultimate death toll for democracy, as the majority surrenders control to the minority in a socio-political state known as dictatorship.

As we reach the final stretch of the postal vote, our country is finally opening its eyes to the darker side of the ‘Yes’ campaign. We need to take into consideration all the consequences of same-sex marriage, and realise that the redefinition in marriage will mean a redefinition of our rights. 

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